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With this bulb you can convert most tail light or marker lights from incandescent bulbs to LED.

LED Bulbs are brighter, more resistant to vibration, use less power, put off less heat, and have longer service life.

This LED bulb replaces 12 Volt 1157 bulbs, which have the common BA15 socket.

These bulbs are for dual filament white light application (run/stop).

TC Bros. Tail Light Fitment:
107-0028 Black 33' Ford
107-0027 Stainless 33' Ford
107-0014 2" Round Bobber
107-0013 Nautical Star
107-0012 Maltese Cross
107-0010 Cat Eye
107-0009 Box
107-0033 Black Vintage Drilled
107-0032 Aluminum Vintage Drilled
107-0045 Brass Vintage Drilled
Black Sparto Tail Lights
Aluminum Sparto Tail Lights

These will work on our TC Bros Side Mount License Plate Brackets with these style lights also:
107-0026 Black 33' Ford
107-0025 Stainless 33' Ford
107-0004 2" Round
107-0001 Cat Eye
107-0002 Maltese Cross
107-0003 Nautical Star