12V .8AH Sealed Battery for XS650 PMA with Digital Ignition

SKU# 108-0078


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Do you want to convert your Yamaha XS650 to a Permanent Magnet Alternator (PMA) charging system?
Do you want to upgrade to a modern digital ignition system with digital advance?
Do you want to convert to a kickstart only and want to downsize from your large, OEM battery?
If you answered yes to these 3 questions, please read below.
If you don't have the funds for a Boyer Bransden power box (TC Bros #108-0077) then this is your next best alternative. This ultra small 12V .8AH sealed battery is perfect for XS650 owners who have converted to PMA and digital ignition, but want the to use the smallest battery that can be easily hidden for a clean look. Modern digital ignition systems require an "ultra-clean" power delivery that a simple capacitor does not provide. This battery provides the power delivery needed to operate a digital ignition system. Note: due to their small capacity, this battery will not power an electric starter. Not recommended for stock XS650 charging systems.