6" Wide Raw Steel Ribbed Bobber Fender

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High quality, one piece 14ga stamped steel construction for high strength. This fender is 6" wide and has a 15" inside radius that gives the clearance necessary to fit tall side wall vintage style 16" rear tires in 5.00x16, MT90-16, & 5.10x16 sizes (see SKU #115-0002, #115-0003, #115-0004, #115-0022 for tires). It also works well with vintage style 18" and 19" rear tires (4.50x18, 4.00x19) although many customers prefer a 5" wide fender for those tire sizes (see fender #105-0131). This fender is 6" Wide, 29" from tip to tip, and just under 13" tall overall. The timeless, classic look of these fenders are very similar to Wassell style British fenders produced back in the 1960's, except these are brand new, and thicker material for increased strength!