TC Bros. Choppers Air Spring

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TC Bros. Choppers Universal Compact Rubber Air Spring. This air spring offers far superior vibration dampening as compared to traditional seat springs or shocks with virtually unlimited adjustability. The air spring features a 1/8" NPT air port for unlimited plumbing possibilities. Most people use a threaded bicycle style schrader fill valve that allows the rider to easily inflate the air spring from 1psi-100psi depending on rider weight and desired firmness. Most riders prefer a 5psi-15psi operating pressure for maximum comfort. The Air Powered Spring gives you a 2.1" length of travel that is very comparable to a set of 3" seat springs but with better vibration dampening due to the fact that there is no "metal on metal" contact at the rear of the seat to transfer vibration to the rider. This air spring is a replacement part for TC Bros. Air Ride Solo Seat Bracket Kits (SKU #106-0005 and #106-0022) These air springs are universal and can be used on just about anything. Mount them on your mower, tractor, mini bike, go cart or anything you can think of! Max air pressure: 75psi Max static weight capacity: 400lbs