TC Bros. Product Spotlight…

109-0082 TC Bros Breather Bolts For 91-UP Sportster & EVO Big Twin
Price $44.99/pair

109-0083 TC Bros Air Cleaner/Carb Support Bracket for 91-03 Sportster
Price $24.99

"Brand new TC Bros Choppers products for your EVO Sportster!

One of the easiest and most popular mods for Sportsters is to remove the stock "Ham Can" Air Filter assembly and replace it with a smaller, higher flowing, custom air cleaner assembly. They look much better and, due to increased airflow, create more horsepower compared to stock. The only problem is that it leaves your stock carburetor unsupported as well as your crankcase vent holes open to suck dirt and dust into your motor. 

TC Bros Choppers has developed an affordable and very easy to install solution to the problem. See our new Sportster CV Carb Support Bracket and Breather Filter Bolts. The carb support bracket is pretty self-explanatory, it bolts in the same locations as the ham can. The polished aluminum breather bolts are used to secure it to your engine. The breather bolts feature foam filter elements with stainless steel support screens on either side of the foam that allow your engine to vent to the atmosphere without risk of dirt entering your crankcase. 

Simple, clean, and effective!" 

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