Pangor Cycles All Thumbs Idle Speed Screw For S&S Super E / G Carburetor - Brass

SKU# 109-0174
Made in the USA


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If you've got a Super E or G carb on your Harley, you know that idle speed fluctuates. You always seem to have to adjust the idle for cold-starting, then knock it back a little as your bike warms up. Up until now, you probably kept a flathead screwdriver handy, but now you don't have to. The All Thumbs Idle Speed Screw can be manipulated by hand, but still features a handy slotted top, in case you want to use your faithful screwdriver. They're handmade one at a time in Pennsylvania. Try one out and see how good it feels to ride without a screwdriver poking you.


  • Allows idle speed adjustment by hand 
  • Fits S&S Super E / G carbs 
  • Quality brass components 
  • Sold individually 
  • Made in the USA