TC Bros High Strength Stainless Axle Kit for 180-200 Tire Sportster Hardtails

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TC Bros Stainless Axle Kit for 180-200 Tire Sportster Hardtails. This axle is a must have when installing TC Bros Sportster Hardtails for 180-200 series tires (Part #103-0009) as your stock axle is too short to reach through the wider wheel. These axles are constructed from 17-4 PH Stainless Steel for the ultimate combination of strength and corrosion resistance. After CNC Machining these axles, they are then Centerless ground for precision fit to your wheel bearings. To put the quality of this material into perspective, it is helpful to compare to a more common material such as 1018 Cold Rolled Steel. 1018 cold rolled steel has a Yield Strength of 54,000 psi whereas the 17-4 PH Stainless that these axles are made from has a Yield Strength of 118,000 psi. In other words, 17-4 PH Stainless is more than twice the strength of 1018 cold rolled steel! You will not find a higher quality axle for your ride!

3/4" (.75") diameter bearing surface,
5/8"-18 UNF Threaded ends,
14.5" Overall Length,
12.9" Shoulder To Shoulder

Qty 1: Stainless Steel Axle
Qty 2: Zinc Plated Steel Castle Nuts
Qty 2: Zinc Plated Steel Cotter Pins