UNI Clamp-on High Flow Air Filter Kit (pair)(2.125"-2.25")

SKU# 109-0002
Made in the USA


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The Uni "POD" air filters clamps directly to your carburetor for improved air flow, and with proper jetting, improved power and performance. They can be easily washed and reused for years of uninterrupted service. To determine the size of air filter needed, measure the distance across the carburetor opening (outside diameter). These filters fit 2.125-2.25in diameter carb openings. They will work for stock Yamaha XS650 1980-84 Mikuni BS34 CV Carbs, 1970-79 stock XS650 Mikuni BS38 CV Carbs and Mikuni VM34 aftermarket roundslide carbs. Sold as a pair.