Weatherproof Ignition Switch (with momentary start) 13/16"

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Weatherproof Ignition Switch (3 position with momentary start)

Marine Grade Glass filled delrin housing
Stainless steel terminals
Molded velox base
13/16" diamter mounting bushing
Special weather proofing seal & drain hole
Momentary start
Includes terminal hardware, mounting nuts and two keys
Special "push-to-choke" momentary feature can be used for a horn button

Terminal Wiring:

S= Starter Solenoid 
A= Accessories/Lights/Ignition system/Coil
B= Battery Positive (12V+) Terminal
C= Momentary "Push to Choke" feature (can function as a horn "button")
M= Only needed on motorcycles using Magneto Ignitions (usually 1960's and earlier). There are two M terminals. One to ground, and one to a magneto. Used in order to "kill" a magneto by grounding it when key is in "OFF" position.