Weld On Rear Fender Mount for Bobbers & Choppers by TC Bros.

SKU# 104-0053
Made in the USA


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TC Bros. universal fit, weld-on fender mounting bracket is constructed from a single piece of 1/4" thick American made mild steel for easy welding.

Vintage style curves and contours provide eye appeal while the 5/16" diameter mounting holes make for a simple installation. Leather washers are provided to prevent paint damage and provide vibration resistance. This fender bracket is most commonly used to mount flat profile fenders (4.5" minimum width) to a frame crossmember. The straight portion of the bracket is easily trimmed to length to fit your application. Although this bracket is designed to best fit flat profile fenders, we have found that it works well to mount TC Bros. SKU #105-0136 rear fender because the center portion of the fender is a very large radius (nearly flat).

Combine this bracket with a set of our universal fender struts (SKU #104-0008) and you have a fender mounting system that will withstand the most demanding rigid frame applications. Sold individually.

Proudly made in the USA.

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