TC Bros. Weld-On Front Solo Seat Pivot / Hinge for Bobbers & Choppers

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Made in the USA


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TC Bros. Weld On Front Seat Pivot

Our pivot bracket is made from one piece of 3/16" steel for the ultimate in strength and simplicity. Unlike welded pivot brackets, the one piece design eliminates the possibility of a cracked seat pivot bracket caused by a failed weld. It also makes for a very low profile that looks great on just about every aftermarket spring style solo seat made. The long slotted holes permit a wide range of fitments and allow for adjustability. The finish on the bracket is black powdercoat for durability. This simple design also permits the weld-on mount to be mounted to either a round frame tube or a flat surface without a standoff and without interference to the pivoting action because the weld-on pivot mount is slightly larger in diameter than the rest of the components. The weld-on pivot mount is raw finish steel and ready to weld. The 3/8" hex socket cap bolt is stainless steel, as well as the washer and nylock nut so they will never rust. The replaceable bushings are oil impregnated bronze for a squeak free ride and very long life. Fitment possibilities are nearly endless. If you have a solo seat with springs on it, this bracket will probably fit.

Made in USA.

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