XS650 Mikuni VM Roundslide 34mm Performance Carb Kit Tuned By TC Bros.

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XS650 Mikuni High Performance Carb Kit tuned by TC Bros.

These carbs are specifically designed and tuned for Yamaha XS650 motorcycles. These carbs have the proper slide, needle, needle jet required for your XS650 application. The carbs will come pre-jetted for immediate bolt on installation. We include several different main and pilot jets for you to fine tune your carburetors to your application (depending on what performance upgrades you have done such as air filters, exhaust, cam, big bore kit).

Beware of cheaper kits on ebay and other sites that simply take cheaper 2 Stroke snowmobile carbs and try to jet them by choking down the main jet.You will never be able to tune the carburetor properly if you do not install the correct slide, needle, and needle jet for four stroke (XS650) applications. We have taken the time to test these carbs on several of our personal bikes to figure out the correct internal parts to make them perform the best for your XS650.

Also included with this kit is a throttle cable that works with your stock throttle housing on your 1976-1984 XS650 (will also work with our 7/8 Throttle Assembly TC PART #101-0221 or #101-0222).

These are the proper right and left handed versions. One of each so the idle speed adjusting screws are on the outside of each carb for easy adjustment.

We have had tons of request for this kit over the years but have waited until now to release it because we have spent so much time researching and testing the proper internal carburetor components for the XS650.

Although these will fit any 1970-1983 XS650 engine with 1980-83 style rubber manifolds installed, we highly recommend our XS650 Billet Aluminum Intake Manifolds (TC Part #109-0003) to complete your installation of these carbs. Your stock rubber intakes are not designed to support your carbs without your stock airboxes installed causing them to crack over time. Our aluminum intakes are much stronger and will not crack. Please note that 1970-79 models came with 38mm manifolds from the factory and will require replacement with 34mm manifolds.


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